The Weeping Willow Project

The Weeping Willow, installed at Gather DTLA and facilitated by Threadwinners, represents the tears shed by each of the 2,000+ children who have been separated from their parents under the Trump regime’s “zero-tolerance” policy. Each teardrop leaf, created by hand, also represents the public and personal sorrow over the trauma inflicted on these young people in order for Trump to use them as bargaining chips in a pathetic attempt to get his beloved border wall.


The Weeping Willow tree will be a living installation, as it will grow with teardrop leaves created and donated by members of the fiber arts community. 100% of monetary proceeds earned will be donated to the ACLU to help them continue the important work that they do. If you’d like to donate and gain access to our leaf pattern, click here.


Weeping Willow at Gather DTLA