Reveries Opening Reception | 7.8.17

This past weekend was the opening reception for Reveries at Branch Gallery, the culmination of our latest body of work! Through Reveries, we explore the world of landscapes and our bodily relationship with such environments. We created seven original pieces for this show, each exploring a different definition of landscape or a different type of natural environment. Branch Gallery, located next to and operated by The Knitting Tree LA, is a wonderful, open gallery space with great lighting and ambiance. It was a rewarding and humbling experience seeing our work nicely fill in such a lovely space.

Opening reception with Threadwinners’ Community Oak Tree in the background.

So many of our family members and friends showed up, which was so fun! We also met a lot of really great new people, including writer Danielle Davis, whose new book Zinnia and the Bees involves a yarn bombing seventh grader! We also had the honor of welcoming George Watland, Senior Chapter Director of Sierra Club Angeles Chapter. Because of the recently escalated “doubts” about the importance of nature and conservation, we will be donating a portion of Reveries art sales to the Sierra Club.

Chromatic Cascade

After months of working on these new pieces and weeks of (sometimes frustrating) install, it was extremely rewarding to see our latest project come to life on the walls of Branch Gallery. It’s always a joy to see people viewing and interacting with our work; it’s part of why we love doing what we do.

Threadwinners being professional (as always).

We love the way the Community Oak Tree turned out! This piece would not have been possible without the generous donations of crochet oak leaves from the fiber arts community! Special thanks to: Ursula Bohen, Jenny Brown, Elly Enamorado, Marina Mont’Ros, Suzann Thompson, Kathryn Vercillo, Charlotta Wadman, & Jessica Williams.

Thank you to all of our family, friends, and significant others who have supported us on our Reveries journey. You have all helped us more than you’ll ever know. Special shout out to our friends Lisa, Clayton, and Courtney for helping us and dealing with our shenanigans during the install process. Thank you to Eric Flynn for making the original Reveries soundtrack played during the reception. Last but definitely not least, thank you to Annette Corsino, Bruce Blair, and Aneesa Shami for welcoming us into The Knitting Tree LA and their beautiful gallery space. This project would not have been possible without your openness and support.



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