Reveries: The Pieces

Reveries explores the world of landscapes and our bodily relationship with such sensory environments. Whether it’s a mental landscape, a natural space, or a constructed one, each environment elicits a mixture of feelings unique to each individual. Through Reveries, Threadwinners is describing the synthesis of, and tension between manmade and natural environments, and how human emotions and experience relates to and forms them. Threadwinners aims to tie people closer to the natural environment by way of artifice, and asks you to consider the authenticity of feeling in a constructed environment versus a naturally occurring one.

Natural landscapes can also act as dreamscapes, allowing one to get lost and explore the inner workings of their mind and consciousness. Crochet pieces bend and play with the line dividing nature from artifice and make one consider the meaning of “authenticity” and whether or not it matters, ultimately.



Mixed media, 2017. 1. (adj) (of food) tender, juicy, and tasty. 2. (n) a succulent plant.



Verdant Quietus
Mixed media, 2017. qui-e-tus (n) 1. death or something that causes death, regarded as a release from life. 2. (archaic) something that has a calm or soothing effect.

This tapestry presents a peaceful reflection on the regenerative powers the body offers to the world after life.



Florid Flora
Mixed media, 2017. flor-id (adj) 1. having a red or flushed complexion. 2. elaborately or excessively intricate or complicated.



Earth Tome
Mixed media, 2017. Earth Tome is an interactive crochet book that doubles as a fiber sculpture. It explores the layers of dirt beneath our feet and the unseen activity that rejuvenates our planet.



Coral Confection
Mixed media, 2017. con-fec-tion (n) 1. a dish made with sweet ingredients. 2. an elaborately constructed thing. 3. a fashionable or elaborate article of women’s dress.



Chromatic Cascade
Mixed media, 2017. chro-mat-ic (adj) 1. relating to or using notes not belonging to the diatonic scale of the key in which a passage is written. 2. relating to or produced by color.

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Community Oak Tree
Mixed media, 2017. This oak tree was assembled from locally sourced cloth at Trash for Teaching. It was a collective healing endeavor from our friends and fellow makers from the online community.

Ursula Bohen
Jenny Brown
Elly Enamorado (Willow Woods Crochet)
Marina Mont’Ros
Suzann Thompson
Kathryn Vercillo
Charlotta Wadman (In the Yarn Garden)
Jessica Williams (Will Crochet)

Special thanks to In the Yarn Garden for allowing us to use her crochet oak leaf pattern.

JPEG Cover photo

Special thanks to: Jeff Dolle, Doug Flynn, Julie Kornblum, Courtney Lira, Lisa Li, Aiste Miliauskaite, Clayton Smith, & Sierra Club Angeles Chapter.

Musical score (played 7/8/17 at Branch Gallery) by Eric Flynn